Exhibition. Ana Pallares : Latest Works / Open Studio. January-February 2017

basement work 1We are delighted to welcome back Ana Pallares for an open studio residency following her successful 2016 solo show at Hundred Years Gallery.

Painter and poet, Ana’s work reflects on pain, death and other intangible realities which too often occur with little, or incomprehensible, reason. She strives to find and attach new meanings to these realities hoping to present them in a healthier more manageable way: ultimately aiming to turn destructive feelings into constructive action

Interested in ambiguity as it plays with the surprise effect, she finds great joy painting the deformed and weird faces of her works with rainbow colours. People feel lost while watching them whereas I feel I could not have expressed the tragicomedy of life in a better way‘.

Born in 1993 in Barcelona, she was fifteen when she discovered graffiti and continued exploring different artistic practices such as painting, illustration and poetry.

She has exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid and London: Brick Lane GalleryLacey ContemporaryWalton Fine Arts and the Illustrated 2016 Art Fair.

Read Robert Robertson’s review of Ana’s ‘Survival’ show on the Ocatillo Audiovisual website here



Artist Visual Portrait: Ana Pallares by Artraits / We have everything, but not faith in us. by Oliwia Siem  /  Do You Fear Ana Pallares by Maria Escola-Sanchez

gA_Logo_2010Ana Pallares will be painting live in the GreatArt store, 41-49 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AG on Friday 24th/Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th February.


This is the first of a series of Residencies by Hundred Years Gallery artists in the GreatArt shop in London, marking our partnership with GreatArt.

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