Exhibition: ‘BANG!’ The Tunnel Collective curated by Mervyn Diese. 5th to 15th November


Opening Thursday 5th from 7.30

BANG! is curated by Mervyn Diese, an artist with a background in commercial art. Whilst in recovery from serious illness he has exhibited at Hundred Years Gallery and many other independent spaces in London over the last three years.

Diese wanted to have a very open theme that would enable the other participants to express themselves freely. He has chosen the title ‘BANG!’ to reflect the time of year, as the show spans November 5th, bonfire night, whilst alluding to his own political engagement as an artist, activist and curator.

For this show he has invited The Tunnel Collective, a group of UK based artists that have come together to stage small independent shows. Their work covers most disciplines of creative output, some of them working in more than one format. From painting and sculptural works they have grown to include new media formats including the internet and film as well as other traditional forms of expression such as writing, poetry, performance and music. Currently standing at 31 members and growing the collective will present a diverse collection of work.

Artists include:

Mathew Tudor
Mervyn Diese
Jessica Ballentyne
Lauren Mele
Jamie Stanton
Susannah King
Robyn Litchfield
Petra Lea
Julie Ann
Chris Godber
Mark Rathmell
Ansell Cizic
Genevieve Leavold
Kitty Stirling
Tracie Angiolini
Elena Dimitrova
‪Tony Berkman‬
Monika Tobel
Alexander Short
Skeleton Cardboard
Julia Madisson
Odo Personna
Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick
Anna Laurini

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