Subito Carceris = (An improvised prison). Dialogues. 3rd of July to 28th of September 2014

Mark Woods, Hugo Madureira, Milan Todorovic, Kofi Boamah & Victoria Kovalenko. Window artist: Johnny Cole. Curated by M. Gallego.

Mark Woods, ‘The unchanging nature of the Fetish Object’  2014. Photography: Paul Tucker.

‘Subito Carceris = (An Improvised Prison). Dialogues’ is a group show featuring paintings by Milan Todorovic & Kofi Boamah, collages by Victoria Kovalenko, sculpture installations by Hugo Madureira & Mark Woods and a series of public blindfolded dialogues between the artists.

This series of dialogues will attempt to unveil the thought process that each artist develops in order to fulfil the force of creation. M.Gallego has selected these artists through sympathy towards their work, their characters and her own curiosity in how they deal with their minds, how they could describe the intimacy of their thoughts and impulses.

Dates of the dialogues: Thursday 3rd. of July at 8 (during the private view)/ Sundays 6th & 20th of July at 4.

On 4th of July 2014 Hundred Years Gallery will present a live video stream with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vladivostok, Russia. Both venues will present original collages by Victoria Kovalenko. Theatrical studio “Etude” under the direction of R. Rabaeva will visualize exhibited works and give their interpretation of the concept. Participants will use artistic language of pantomime to transform retinal art into theatrical performance.   See event page.

‘Litro’  collages, by Victoria Kovalenko

Victoria Kovalenko (b. Siberia, Russia) graduated in MA Photography from the Sir John Cass, LMU in 2010. Her photographs have been featured in numerous exhibitions in London and most prominently at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre and the Primorskiy State Museum im.V.K. Arseniev Vladivocstok, Russia. She currently lives and works in London.


‘The jailer woke up, and when he saw the prison doors open, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself because he thought the prisoners had escaped’…

Hugo Madureira is presenting 2 works: ‘Subito Carceris’ (title borrowed by the curator as a header of this show) and ‘Fenestram’, both as a cathartic statement related with several carceral experiences that he has had recently trough dreams. In these works he regains the use of the beauty, the combination of qualities in a dramatic scenario crystallizing that time-lapse where a vista becomes and object merging with his conceptual research of the meaning of Jewellery as a tool of memory but an overpowered one.
He quotes: ‘A Jewel is not for the Body. The Body is for the Jewel, when the inverse happens the jewel is an ailment or a simple trick. Not just our body but any organic physical structure summons, it has a need to cling to the implement that way becoming stronger furrowing is way and plating its seeds carrying the genes of memories. The Jewellery works I am presenting are not jewels, they are portals, that as in a sci-fi film work in the retina and, would they be successful, will be evoking sensations’

Hugo Madureira was born in Porto in 1982, currently lives in London and works in Jewellery design and art from his studio in Hoxton. Alongside his artistic creations in the last decade working in the borderline of Art and Jewellery, he also produces bespoke work and collaborates with others as a consultant and designer.


Milan Todorovic: Born in Belgrade, Based in London.

Todorovic was creative director of ‘Akademija’, Belgrade’s key underground club, studied laser physics, fine art, painting. His practice connects art, science and culture in written, visual and audiovisual work. He has been collaborating with international projects in video and short films, visual arts, recordings, street art and performance since 1996. Also cooperating with galleries, festivals, alternative venues, workshops and group shows in Belgrade and London since ’92 and ’04 respectively.

Now days he continues researching on creative industry strategy, multidisciplinary methods, interactivity in blended environments, exploring and using synaesthesia.

Author of research monographs, project bids, applied research; writing fiction and drama.

Mark Woods: (Carshalton, Surrey, 1961) technical expertise and earliest flirtations with the art world do not come from formal education or academic training in fine arts, but rather from a self-disciplined and dilated career, first as a boat builder and later as a “contemporary jeweller”. His innate talent for crafts may be a hereditary aptitude from his father, as Mark acknowledges “when he [my father] was not working at the prison [as a prison officer], he would spend much of his time in his garden shed, making crazy stuff. He liked to make knives, guns sometimes, he even made a bomb or two. I would hang out with him”.

His installation ‘The unchanging nature of the Fetish Object’ presented in this show was exhibited during the 55th Venice Bienale (2013).



Kofi Boamah: After graduating he has worked in media and entertainment, with stints at creative agencies at AKQA Shanghai. Since then he has studied Fine Art & Film, and since 2012 focussed on painting, poetry and prose. Currently mentored, his works discuss a multiplicity of universes that aim to make Lucid Documents.



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