Tolerance Manoeuvre + Sylvia Hallett / Chris Dowding. Saturday 21st January 7:30pm

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Tolerance Manoeuvre

Joseph Stokes (electric guitar, voice), Sarah Woolfenden (trumpet, voice) and Steven Arnold (‘cello, voice).

A unique combination of guitar, cello, trumpet and vocals, Tolerance Manoeuvre furrow a particularly British seam of post- rock previously mapped by the likes of Talk Talk and Bark Psychosis, but with their own, highly-personalised take.

Managing to fuse stark yet luscious melody with ornate orchestration, the trio meticulously unfold and reconfigure space and structure to create a beguiling tapestry that is simultaneously dense and delicate.

A mainstay on the London underground music scene since 2011, Tolerance Manoeuvre have played at venues as diverse as Hundred Years Gallery, the Servant Jazz Quarters and the Macbeth, and have a vinyl LP available at all good record shops courtesy of Flashback Records.

Sylvia Hallett / Chris Dowding

This is a new duo exploring electronics with violin, trumpet and flugelhorn. Chris and Sylvia have played together in this combination previously at FlimFlam. They explore dreamy textures, creating layers of loops which crossover and give way to each other.

Between them, Sylvia and Chris have worked with a wide range of artists, including Evan Parker, Annie Whitehead, dancer Emilyn Claid, and geographically sparse band Natural Causes. Both have worked with Opera North at various times.

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5

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